Food Pantry - Most Needed Items




Due to your generosity the St. Olaf Food Pantry is financially sound.

Donation Hours Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 12 Noon

No expired or open food please.

Pasta Roni

Banquet- Complete Meals

Hamburger Helper

Tuna Helper

El Paso Taco Kit

Toilet Paper

Feminine Hygiene Products

We welcome all items you care to donate with the exception of expired or open food. 


Again, this year our “Friends of the Food Panty” plan to make another wonderful gift of love and caring for our clients. They are asking for donations of NEW dishtowels, potholders, and oven mitts for their creations. Please leave you donations on the Food Pantry donation table outside the Food Panty located in the small parish hall.

Thank you for your generosity. Donation deadline October 2, 2022.