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St. Olaf Food Pantry
Hours: Monday - Thursday 10 AM - Noon
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Volunteers pack 200 bags of groceries for our clients Christmas meal. Ornaments, books and baked goods were also a part of this fun and festive event. 



















IMG_1092 Guest Speaker - September 2015

Donna Hamilton, of St Olaf Food Pantry recently was the guest speaker at Mt Vernon United Methodist Church, woman's group in Norge. Working together as a community we can curb hunger in our area.

IMG_1082  New Freezer Donated to Food Pantry

Food Pantry, accepts grant for a new freezer from The Kiwanis Club of Toano.

Summer Food Program - Summer 2015

Children Helping Children Saint Olaf Summer Food Program was a great success this year with the help from our parish families they really know how to get the job done. These families packed 488 bags of food for children registered for our Summer Program, this equates to 2,440 meals. The Summer Program benefits children in need of breakfast and lunch during the 10 week summer vacation. Thank you to our volunteers who made this program a success and to those supporting St Olaf Food Pantry.

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Food Pantry Receives Donations – April 2015

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Thank you to The Kiwanis Club of Toano: Judy, Lynda, Mike, Cheryl, Leslie, Suzanne, John B., Mayes and Joan for their recent food drive benefiting St Olaf Food Pantry.  The food drive was held on April 11, 2015 at Farm Fresh in Toano.  Due to the Kiwanians hard work and fun loving attitude patrons donated over six(6) shopping carts filled with much needed items from the St Olaf  pantry shopping list. Their estimated donations totaled between $2800 to $3000 worth of much needed food for our pantry. Thank you Kiwanians and Farm Fresh patrons for your generosity toward those in need in our community.


2015 Food Pantry Easter Baskets

2015 Easter Food Pantry 5






St Olaf Food Pantry conducted an Easter Event benefiting our pantry clients during the week of March 22-26, 2015. This event gave our patrons the chance to sign up and receive  food for their Easter meal. The children from the K-5th grade classes helped the food pantry with  packing food bags  for each of the 104 families signed up for the event. These families received a bag filled with fresh ham, boxed potatoes, mac & cheese, vegetables, corn muffin mix, pancake mix and syrup, and a small bag of chocolates. Thank you to all the children and adult volunteers who helped make this event a success.

2014 Christmas Market

Our Christmas Market was a huge success in 2014, we serviced over 150 families in our area. Thank you to all parishioners who donated so generously last year to this wonderful event.