Sacrament of Matrimony


Congratulations on your engagement.  The Church takes joy in each couple as they respond to God’s call to the vocation of married life. 

When couples come to a parish to be married their immediate concern is often the details of the wedding.  This document seeks to guide couples in decisions about their wedding. This document will also discuss the preparation process, and other aspects that are important in satisfying the requirements of the Church and of the Commonwealth of Virginia that must be met for a valid marriage.

Whether you are requesting either or both Marriage Preparation and the Wedding at St. Olaf, we would advise you to review all of the parts of this document.Catholic clergy can only officiate at Catholic marriages which are valid according to the canons of the Catholic Church.

Requesting a Wedding Date

If you live in Williamsburg, James City or York counties you may submit the form below.   You will be sent an email if the date is available.

If you live outside of Williamsburg, James City or York counties, you should contact your parish and arrange for marriage preparation with them.  No request will be considered without this information on the form.  A non-refundable fee is required with non-parishioner wedding requests.

(Link of Wedding Request Form)

(Link to Fee Schedule )

The Time of the Wedding

The most requested day and time for weddings are Saturdays at 2:00 pm.  Other days and times are available upon request.

Because of Saturday confessions and vigil Mass, the latest that a Saturday wedding can be accommodated is 2:00 pm, and must be completed no later than 3:30 pm (including photographs).  The church will be open one hour prior to the start of the wedding.

Other days and times for weddings are possible upon request.

Be aware that the church may have other services the day of the wedding, such as a baptism or funeral.


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