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During this season of Thanksgiving, I am so very thankful for the many blessings you have bestowed on the food pantry and our clients. Back in March, I faced the daunting task of keeping the pantry open with no food sources available for obtaining the large quantity of food needed to provide for our clients. The Lord says, “Ask and you shall receive”.  I asked and I received more than I thought possible.  Not only did I receive an abundance of food, I received the gift of watching the Lords hands at work every day through the kindness of St Olaf parishioners and our surrounding communities.  I watched as volunteers brought hope and a little happiness to those who humble themselves to come to our door. I watched as our clients and volunteers bonded during these troubling times.  I watched as parishioners, our surrounding faith communities and businesses brought food and monetary donations to help those in need.  I watch and I continue to see the many hands doing the Lords work through St Olaf Food Pantry.

Thank you for providing the food required to keep the pantry open during this pandemic.  I am happy to report I am ordering food once again.  Donations are always welcome.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to whiteness the Lords hands at work in each of you. 

Donna Hamilton – Director, St Olaf Food Pantry


Due to your generosity the St. Olaf Food Pantry is financially sound.

Please click here for the list of the most needed items.

If you know someone in need please share the information above.


Your pantry donations make a difference and are very much appreciated by our clients.

Here is one of many thank you notes the pantry has received.